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About Us


Our Vision

To be a trusted HR Consulting firm recognized as a reliable partner that aids in the continued acceleration and development of individuals in the marketplace.

Our Mission

To serve our clients by providing integrated HR solutions to bridge the gap between employers and job seekers through strategic partnerships.

Core Values

​Corporate Ready, LLC aims to leave a lasting impression and build long-term relationships with every client that we encounter. We strive to promote excellence both in the community and in the marketplace. The values we abide by  are:

​Serve the immediate need of our clients and our community by providing long-term, impactful HR solutions.

Integrity and honesty to always do the right thing and what is best to establish trust in business relationships and continually build positive rapport.

Excellence by way of continuous improvement and offering the best solutions to our clients.

Partner with our clients to provide strategic and measurable solutions to drive their business forward.

Develop and prepare our clients for success by cultivating soft skills and providing developmental resources that are advantageous for a lifetime.

Inspire every client that we serve to pursue avenues that drive a continuous growth mindset.





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About Us

Corporate Ready LLC is a human resource consulting firm where we provide integrated human resource solutions to organizations, job seekers, and professionals across all career levels. We develop strategic partnerships with businesses to help source, develop, and retain talent. Our specialties include staffing and recruitment, talent optimization, workforce development, and outplacement services. We offer out-sourced human resource partnership services to include policy drafting, training and development, and human resource consulting.  Additionally, we assist job seekers with resume writing, career coaching, and professional development one-on-one and through Corporate Ready Institute.

Corporate Ready Institute is an eLearning Environment of Corporate Ready, LLC designed to allow participates to access an array of developmental training. We specialize in assisting professionals across all career levels in various areas to include employment preparation, professional development, leadership acumen, and more.

At Corporate Ready Institute, we make developmental resources accessible for individuals from all over the world. Our doors are open to persons of all ages and at any level of experience. Our mission is to develop individuals, inspire creative passion, and increase self-confidence. We will help you unlock your inner potential so you can excel in your professional field and in your personal life. Here you will obtain resources to walk into your organization and be an exceptional professional from day one.


Our Certified Professional Trainers offer a variety of assessments to both organizations and individuals to promote personal and professional growth, self-awareness, and to aid in conflict resolution.


We pride ourselves on being highly professional and delivering quality results!

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See What People Are Saying


"Cierrina a superb Human Resource Professional who will get the desired results while providing clarity, wisdom and direction to the organization and customers! Having her on my team was a huge bonus. Cierrina's ability to gracefully juggle multiple projects while keeping the team inline with completing task, deliverables all within schedule comes natural to her. She's a great team player and also a proactive individual who will keep the team and customers ahead of the curve. Cierrina exemplified superior Human Resource knowledge, skills, and abilities while working remotely, for a team that stretched across multiple time zones. She is a people and mission first oriented professional that will provide an organization with a working advantage."

MAURICE KINSEY, Insider Threat Principal Cyber Engineer




  • Do you offer consultations?
    Yes! We offer 100% FREE telephonic consultations for both employers and jobseekers for any of our services. In fact, we encourage you to book a consultation before selecting a service with us!
  • Am I required to schedule a coaching session in order to utilize the resume services?
    Absolutely not! We understand that there are individuals who are already knowledgable in the areas that we offer coaching and development. Therefore, we offer resume packages as a completely seperate service.
  • Do you all provide team training workshops?
    We certainly do! We would love to work with your organization to train and develop your teams. We provide a variety of training workshops to include assessments and debrief reports to help improve synergy among teams. Training may be conducted virtually or in-person. We also will travel to conduct workshop; however, we currently only travel in the United States. Contact us for additional details regarding booking a workshop.
  • How much advanced notice is required to book a team workshop?
    As a courtesy, we request at minimum 30 days notice for bookings. We understand that there may be cases when 30 day advanced notice is not possible. Therefore, we attempt to make accommodations based on our availability.
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