John C. Maxwell's core philosophy is that "organizations rise and fall on their leadership". As a Human Resources Professional with years of experience managing others, we have seen this to be true! Being HR professionals has permitted us to witness organizations succeed because of agile leadership teams. Unfortunately, we've also witnessed a number of organizations' cultural morale, employee and volunteer engagement, and reputations decline as a result of poor leadership.

At Corporate Ready, we advocate that hard skills should not be the primary basis for consideration when evaluating individuals for a managerial or leadership position. Soft skills should be the number one factor to consider when making decisions regarding management and leadership staff. This is because you can teach anyone with a growth mindset a skill or trade; however, it is very difficult to cultivate the soft skills of an individual who is not a cultural fit or does not work well with others. We've also seen that you cannot change the character of someone with a fixed mindset.

Our team coaches both individual leaders and leadership teams. We ensure that everyone leader we work with understands the importance and impact of self-leadership first. Then, we educate on how to effectively inspire, engage, and motivate the individuals that they lead.

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